• How do I modify my subscription?

    The easiest way to change your subscription is by logging into your account HERE. Once you are in your account, click "Manage Subscription".


    After that, you will see your subscription information. There, you will have the option to either edit your existing subscription items, swap them, or cancel them. Note: By 'canceling' an item, it will not cancel your entire subscription but simply remove that item from it.  



    By clicking edit, you can manage your next shipment date, change the products in your order, change your delivery schedule, and edit payment information. 

    If you'd like to change the frequency of your subscription order, click schedule on the left hand side under your name, then you will see all your items listed.


    You can change the frequency by clicking edit next to the item and then "change delivery schedule". You will be able to choose to ship every 15, 30, or 60 days. You can also skip shipment dates here if you wish. 



    If you are having trouble logging into your account or are having any other technical issues, call us at 1-888-665-0311 or email us at help@goodgrains.com. We're happy to assist.


  • How do I Buy or Subscribe?

    BUY (One Time Purchase) — Buy from our online Shop

    SUBSCRIBE and Save 5% — On any products in our Shop, you can choose to subscribe and save 5% and get FREE shipping on orders over $25. 

    START with a Trial Pack!

    • Today - we'll send you a free bag of our featured cereal
    • In 10 days - we'll send you a Sampler Pack of 5 more bags
    • Choose how often - every 2 weeks, month, or every 2 months
    • Modify or cancel at any time (we want to ensure you're completely happy!)
    • Free shipping on orders over $25 (stock your shelves, we're adding coffee now too!)
    • Free fun extras in every package (button, art card, & coloring sheet)

    Looking to buy for a Fund Flakes Group?
    If you're school or group is already registered, just shop like normal. When you are ready to check out, you'll be able to enter the of the group you're supporting. Easy peasy!

    Not sure what Fund Flakes is? Learn more at here. We support schools, sports organizations, youth/community groups, and non-profits through the sale of Good Grains.

  • How do I stop my subscription?

    The easiest way to stop your subscription is by logging into your account HERE. Once you are in your account, click "manage subscriptions". 


    From there, you can cancel all the items in your subscription. Please note, you must cancel each item individually to stop an entire subscription. 




    If you need any assistance, just let us know.
    Simply call us at 1-888-665-0311 or send and email to help@goodgrains.com and we will assist you.


  • Do you offer free shipping?

    Yes! We ship for FREE on all orders over $25. Stock up, subscribe, and save! If an order is below $25, we use carrier-calculated shipping. This means the shipping cost will be determined by how much product you buy and where you are located. 

    Tip: If close to $25, you can add one of our buttons, cards, or an extra bag of cereal to help you get there! 

  • How long will it take for my order to arrive?

    Your order travels at Yeti speed...
    We utilize several major parcel carriers to get your products to you quickly. We typically use USPS 2-day priority shipping or Fed-Ex Ground. Shipping time does vary depending on what day your order is placed and how far it has to travel.

    We do our best to package all orders the same day they come in. However, at this time, we do not ship on weekends. All orders are packaged and shipped from our building in Southern California, so depending on where you live it should take between 1 and 5 business days


  • Where do you ship?

    We ship within the 48 contiguous United States
    We ship directly to your house, within the 48 contiguous States. We're working on reaching more locations, so please stay tuned!

    We ship for FREE on orders over $25
    With all orders over $25, we ship directly to your house for free! Keep your pantry stocked without the worry of running out, making a tasty, wholesome breakfast that much easier. 

  • Can't login or forgot password?

    Having trouble logging in? We're sorry to hear that. Please try this and if you still have trouble, reach out and we'll assist. 

    Click here to get to the login page. 

    Click the red italicized text, 'Forgot your password'. 




    Enter your email (the one you used to sign up for Good Grains) and hit submit.

    Check your email and hit the orange 'Reset Password' button. If you didn't get an email, it may have been another email you registered under. You can go back to step 1 and try a different email. If you can't remember the email, feel free to reach out and we can assist. 





    On the next screen, enter a new password and then click 'Reset Password'. From there, you will be logged into your account page.




    Need help? Email help@goodgrains.com, use our on-screen chat, or call us at 888-665-0311.