• How do you give back?

    Every order gives back.
    Good Grains' mission is to bring health and happiness to our communities and beyond. This mission is the reason we give back to both local and international groups and causes on item we sell.

    Here's how.
    We give 10¢ of every single item we sell, whether it's a one-time purchase or a subscription. This money goes toward educational and health related non-profit organizations that support our mission.

    Fund Flakes
    We give $1 dollar on every bag or box of cereal we sell through our Fund Flakes program. Fund Flakes is a simpler, healthier way to raise funds for a specific group. Examples of Fund Flakes groups include schools and PTAs, sports organizations, youth/church/community groups, and nonprofits. Joining Fund Flakes is free, so if you're interested, let us know! Send us an email at help@goodgrains.com.

  • How often do you give?

    We give on every single item, paid out every month.
    You heard correctly. With Good Grains, we give 10¢ for every item purchased to health and education focused non-profits that align with our mission - bringing health and happiness to our communities and beyond. For purchases through our Fund Flakes program, we give $1 back to your school or group for every bag of cereal purchased. 

  • What kinds of groups can join Fund Flakes?

    Fund Flakes was built for groups that align with our mission — bringing health and happiness to our communities and beyond. This can include: 

    • Schools
      • PTA and PTO
      • Ed Foundations
      • Boosters
    • Youth, church, and community groups
    • Sports teams and leagues
    • Non-profits

    Join Fund Flakes today!

  • How does Fund Flakes work?

    A simpler, healthier way to raise funds.
    Offered through Good Grains, Fund Flakes is a simpler, healthier way for your school or group to raise funds. Good Grains donates $1 for every bag of tasty, wholesome cereal your supporters buy. Plus, it's all online. There are no forms to collect, and it's ongoing. 

    Fund Flakes is perfect for schools, PTA, PTO, and Ed Foundations; youth, church and community groups; sports teams and leagues; and non-profit organizations. 

    How it Works.
    1. Register your group today, and we'll send you a unique Good Grains URL and checkout code for your group.

    2. Share the URL and group code with supporters far and wide. Whenever they use them to order, we donate!

    3. Earn! Once a month, Good Grains processes donations and distributes them electronically or via check. Boom!

    What can my school or group earn?

    • 30 orders = $150 per month
    • 50 orders = $250 per month
    • 100 orders = $500 per month
    • 200 orders = $1,000 per month

    How do we share Fund Flakes?

    • Hang your banner
    • Hand out flyers
    • Share socially online (we give you a link and group code)
    • Include in your existing year-round communication
    • Get creative! Share your awesome ideas with us on social media!

    Ready? Register your group today!

    Have any questions? We would love to hear from you.
    Call us at (888)-665-0311 or email us at help@goodgrains.com.