• Do I have to subscribe to order?

    Nope! It's up to you. 
    We welcome one-time orders through our cereal collection

    However, the best way to ensure your shelves remain stocked is to subscribe! Also, all subscribers save 10% every time they order. Remember, you can set your subscription to send on your schedule, at your preferred frequency. You can also cancel your subscription at any time, so why not try it? 

  • How do I know my group is getting the credit?

    Use the group code!
    We track each group through either their website link, group code, or both! To ensure your group receives earnings, make sure to enter your group's code during the checkout process. It will look like this (although it may say gift card, coupon code, or group code):



    If you're unsure if the group you're trying to support is registered, or if you're unsure of their code, click HERE