How much do your cereals cost?

Our cereal prices range from $4.99 to $7.49 without discounts.
You may think, "Hey, I can get cereal for less than that.", and we'd have to say, "well yeah, you probably can... if you drive to the store and look for coupons and discounts. But what about all those times you run out and eat dry toast for breakfast?" So, here's the deal — we make your life easier by shipping directly to you, saving you that trip to the store. Plus, we've crafted wholesome products with nothing artificial, giving you something you'll love and feel good about feeding your family. Don't forget, we give back to our local and global communities on every order, making the world just that much healthier and happier.

We give you more granola!
Most granolas in retail stores are 15 oz or less. Our granolas are 18 to 20 oz per bag. Yowza! 

Subscribe and save 5%
Choose to subscribe in our store and receive 5% off on every order! You can pick a subscription schedule that works for you, too. 




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