• How does your Free Trial Pack work?

    Ready to try the best cereal on the planet? You just pay $3 for shipping and we will send you a bag of Good Grains cereal along with some extra fun freebies!

    From there, you will be enrolled in the cereal subscription. Being a subscriber means you'll save 10% on every order with us and get Free Shipping on all orders over $25.

    Your first full order of cereal will ship 10 days after you receive the trial pack. This is so you can try our other cereals to see which are your favorite. You can optionally login to your account, email, or call us to customize this Sampler Pack.

    You can modify or cancel your subscription at anytime.

    Head to our Try It! page to sign up.

  • How do I modify my subscription?

    The easiest way to change your subscription is by logging into your account HERE. Once you are in your account, click "Manage Subscription".


    After that, you will see your subscription information. There, you will have the option to either edit your existing subscription items or cancel them. Note: By 'canceling' an item, it will not cancel your entire subscription but simply remove that item from it.  



    By clicking edit, you can manage your next shipment date, change the products in your order, change your delivery schedule, and edit payment information. 

    If you'd like to change the frequency of your subscription order, click schedule on the left hand side under your name, then you will see all your items listed.


    You can change the frequency by clicking edit next to the item and then "change delivery schedule". You will be able to choose to ship every 15, 30, or 60 days. You can also skip shipment dates here if you wish. 



    If you are having trouble logging into your account or are having any other technical issues, call us at 1-888-665-0311 or email us at We're happy to assist.


  • How do I Buy or Subscribe?

    BUY (One Time Purchase) — Buy from our online Shop

    • Good Grains Cereals & Packs
    • Specialty Cereals (SureStart and Love Grown
    • Coffee (coming mid March '18), Snacks, & Merch

    SUBSCRIBE and Save 10% — On any products in our Shop, you can choose to subscribe and save 10% and get FREE shipping on orders over $25. 

    START with a Trial Pack!

    • Today - we'll send you a free bag of our featured cereal
    • In 10 days - we'll send you a Sampler Pack of 5 more bags
    • Choose how often - every 2 weeks, month, or every 2 months
    • Modify or cancel at any time (we want to ensure you're completely happy!)
    • Free shipping on orders over $25 (stock your shelves, we're adding coffee now too!)
    • Free fun extras in every package (button, art card, & coloring sheet)

    Looking to buy for a Fund Flakes Group?
    Visit our Fund Flakes Registry to look up your group. If you know your group's code, just enter that in the Code field when you checkout.

    Not sure what Fund Flakes is? Learn more at - we support schools, sports organizations, youth/community groups and non-profits through the sale of Good Grains.

  • How do I stop my subscription?

    The easiest way to stop your subscription is by logging into your account HERE. Once you are in your account, click "manage subscription". 

    From there, you can cancel all the items in your subscription. Please note, you must cancel each item individually to stop an entire subscription. 


    If you made a one-time order:
    If you made a one time purchase, we can cancel or change the order for you prior to shipment. Simply call us at 1-888-665-0311 or send and email to and we will assist you.


  • Do you offer free shipping?

    Yes! We ship for FREE on all orders over $25.

    Stock up, subscribe and save!

    Tip: If close to $25, you can add one of our buttons, cards, or an extra bag of cereal.

  • How long will it take for my order to arrive?

    Your order travels at Yeti speed...
    We utilize several major parcel carriers to get your products to you quickly. We typically use USPS 2-day priority shipping or Fed-Ex Ground. Shipping time does vary depending on what day your order is placed and how far it has to travel.

    We do our best to package all orders the same day they come in. However, at this time, we do not ship on weekends. All orders are packaged and shipped from our building in Southern California, so depending on where you live it should take between 1 and 5 business days


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  • How does Good Grains work?

    Good Grains is the best cereal on the planet! 

    Purchase one-time or subscribe!
    Take a look at our online shopOnce you decide what you want, go ahead and place an order. You can buy just one-time or subscribe to keep it coming! (subscribing will also save you 10%) Ready to join the Cereal Club? Do that here

    We ship for FREE on orders over $25!
    After you order, we'll ship the package straight to your door. Ordered more than $25? Awesome, shipping is completely free!

    We give back!
    For every item you buy, a percentage of your purchase goes to a local non-profit organization working to make our community a better place! If you're buying via our Fund Flakes program, we give $1 for every bag of cereal you purchase back to your school, youth group, or organization. You can feel good about your choice to shop Good Grains.

  • Do you have gluten-free or vegan cereals?

    Yep! We have three fantastic gluten-free & vegan cereals!
    We proudly sell Love Grown's three gluten-free kids' cereals. Why? Because they're just so darn good. All the Love Grown cereals we carry are made from beans. Yep, beans!

    Love Grown is made by the same manufacturer as our Good Grains cereal, Organic Milling. That's right here in sunny Southern California! View our Love Grown cereals here, sold in both boxes and single serve cups.


  • Why buy cereal online?

    Online is awesome!
    We make your life easier by shipping directly to you, saving you that trip to the store. We've crafted products with nothing artificial, giving you something you'll love and feel good about feeding your family. Don't forget, we give back to our local and global communities on every order, making the world just that much healthier and happier.

    Never run out.
    A Good Grains subscription allows you to stock your shelves with orders arriving at your chosen frequency, so you never have to worry about running out. 

    Feel good about giving back!
    It's such a great feeling when that package of tasty, wholesome cereal arrives at your door and you know that your purchase gave back! 

    10% off all orders when you subscribe.
    When you subscribe and become a member of The Club you automatically save 10% on every order. Thats pretty cool! So you see, there are a lot of great reasons to buy cereal online!





  • What is SureStart?

    Balance in every bowl.
    SureStart cereal is made to help stabilize blood sugar levels and support healthy weight management. It's a high-fiber, high-protein, low-sugar cereal, with no artificial ingredients, that tastes great, too! We created SureStart with the diabetic and pre-diabetic community in mind. When compared to cereals on the market recommended as "good for a diabetic diet and/or for weight management", SureStart has, on average, 220% more protein, 70% less sugar, 52% lower carbohydrates, 17% less sodium, 9% fewer calories, 5% lower fat, and equivalent total fiber, per 60g serving. See the research here

    SureStart is currently available in three flavors, Original, Maple Pecan, and Vanilla Almond. You can learn more about SureStart here, and you can purchase it through Good Grains here.   

  • How healthy is your cereal?

    Good Grains v. the other guys
    We are always working to make our cereal the best it can be. This means creating tasty, wholesome cereal that you can feel good about eating. We're proud to say that our cereal accounts for real serving sizes. A real serving size means the nutritional information you see on the bag is actually what you pour in the bowl. All of our cereals contain absolutely nothing artificial and have up to 45% less sugar than the other guys. We also worked hard to make our cereals higher in fiber and protein

    Have you tried SureStart? Designed to help stabilize blood sugar and support weight management, SureStart is high-protein, high-fiber, low-sugar, and a great start to your day! 



  • Where are your cereals made?

    From the fields, to our test kitchen, right to your bowl!
    We work hard to source the right stuff. Our products are made right here in lovely San Dimas, California. We work with Organic Milling to create the best cereal on the planet!

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  • Do I have to subscribe to order?

    Nope! It's up to you. 
    We welcome one-time orders through our cereal collection

    However, the best way to ensure your shelves remain stocked is to subscribe! Also, all subscribers save 10% every time they order. Remember, you can set your subscription to send on your schedule, at your preferred frequency. You can also cancel your subscription at any time, so why not try it? 

  • How do I know my group is getting the credit?

    Use the group code!
    We track each group through either their website link, group code, or both! To ensure your group receives earnings, make sure to enter your group's code during the checkout process. It will look like this (although it may say gift card, coupon code, or group code):



    If you're unsure if the group you're trying to support is registered, or if you're unsure of their code, click HERE


  • How do you give back?

    Every order gives back.
    Good Grains' mission is to bring health and happiness to our communities and beyond. This mission is the reason we give back to both local and international groups and causes on item we sell.

    Here's how.
    We give 10¢ of every single item we sell, whether it's a one-time purchase or a subscription. This money goes toward educational and health related non-profit organizations that support our mission.

    Fund Flakes
    We give $1 dollar on every bag or box of cereal we sell through our Fund Flakes program. Fund Flakes is a simpler, healthier way to raise funds for a specific group. Examples of Fund Flakes groups include schools and PTAs, sports organizations, youth/church/community groups, and nonprofits. Joining Fund Flakes is free, so if you're interested, let us know! Send us an email at

  • How often do you give?

    We give on every single item, paid out every month.
    You heard correctly. With Good Grains, we give 10¢ for every item purchased to health and education focused non-profits that align with our mission - bringing health and happiness to our communities and beyond. For purchases through our Fund Flakes program, we give $1 back to your school or group for every bag of cereal purchased. 

  • What kinds of groups can join Fund Flakes?

    Fund Flakes was built for groups that align with our mission — bringing health and happiness to our communities and beyond. This can include: 

    • Schools
      • PTA and PTO
      • Ed Foundations
      • Boosters
    • Youth, church, and community groups
    • Sports teams and leagues
    • Non-profits

    Join Fund Flakes today!

  • How does Fund Flakes work?

    A simpler, healthier way to raise funds.
    Offered through Good Grains, Fund Flakes is a simpler, healthier way for your school or group to raise funds. Good Grains donates $1 for every bag of tasty, wholesome cereal your supporters buy. Plus, it's all online. There are no forms to collect, and it's ongoing. 

    Fund Flakes is perfect for schools, PTA, PTO, and Ed Foundations; youth, church and community groups; sports teams and leagues; and non-profit organizations. 

    How it Works.
    1. Register your group today, and we'll send you a unique Good Grains URL and checkout code for your group.

    2. Share the URL and group code with supporters far and wide. Whenever they use them to order, we donate!

    3. Earn! Once a month, Good Grains processes donations and distributes them electronically or via check. Boom!

    What can my school or group earn?

    • 30 orders = $150 per month
    • 50 orders = $250 per month
    • 100 orders = $500 per month
    • 200 orders = $1,000 per month

    How do we share Fund Flakes?

    • Hang your banner
    • Hand out flyers
    • Share socially online (we give you a link and group code)
    • Include in your existing year-round communication
    • Get creative! Share your awesome ideas with us on social media!

    Ready? Register your group today!

    Have any questions? We would love to hear from you.
    Call us at (888)-665-0311 or email us at